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what if u woke up and ur fav fictional character was snuggled next to u and they were like “good morning”

jughead, is that you?

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if you can figure out how to use pintrest, here is my page.

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misterlorde answered your post: how is every body so exited abotu pint…

It takes some getting used to. I think it’s okay. My wife, however, has over 8,000 pins, so she loves it.

does she want a pair of damn christmas antlers for fourty bucks?

this is what i’m reduced to!

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most important meal of the day.

doctorfantasy replied to your post: how is every body so exited abotu pint…

Pintrest is for like stay at home moms though

exactly my target demographic
>rubs hands together menacingly<

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how is every body so exited abotu pintrest?

i dont understand how any of it works, whats a board, whats a pin? whats the diffrence between a pin and a like,
why do i have to upload my post three fucking times before it registers as a thing?
am i missing something? am i really that stupid?
this thing is a monster

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first pair pretty much done, these guys are so much lighter, stronger, and more comfortable to make than last year. I&#8217;ll be putting them up on etsy for around fourty bucks pretty soon.

I also made some adjustable toe or mid finger rings, $10 each no shipping if your interested, again message me.

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I made some cute kitty cat earrings years ago, does any one want them, I’ll let them go for $20 no shipping.
message me of your interested.

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