I would like to take some time on this Easter Sunday to remember all those poor souls who still have to go to fuckin’ work

there are at least three people working at every Home Depot today; a cashier, a seasonal associate and a manager on duty, telling customers that no the store is not open, only the garden centre and that yes I understand that your family is over an the flush valve on the toilet won’t seal properly but no I’m not allowed to go into the store and get one for you, have you tried cleaning it off, perhaps there is calcium buildup or lengthening the chain.

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if easter and 4/20 are both today can it be called a joint holiday

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shitty art only ever deserves to be taken pictures of with a shit-quality phone camera

how is this shitty?

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I had this dream last night that we were hunting for great white sharks so we could do an autopsy, so we caught one and flipped it over. the scientist doing the autopsy killed it as fast and as painlessly as she could but it took a while to bleed out and while it was it started talking to me. he talked about all sorts of stuff while the woman did the autopsy on him floating out in the middle of the ocean. it was my job to hold him up but he started sinking so we decided to go in to shore and float where it was only a few feet deep. by the time the dream ended I wasn’t holding a great white shark, I was holding a young man (who kinda looked like my boyfriend) and he was slowly fading and he never asked why we were doing this to him. people in the beach seemed kinda uninterested in a team of scientists doing an autopsy on a great white shark.

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my drawings look so much better on my one bit camera. look at that! you can’t see the bad at all!

oh, I forgot what I was gonna say about this one.

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there’s a really big difference between “the writers want to put these two characters in a queer relationship but can’t because of censors” and “we’re going to keep putting these characters in queer situations and playing it off as a really funny joke”




the difference is respect

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American Horror Story: Easter

who the FUCK thought these bunny costumes were in any way less than nightmare inducing???

Easter used to be cool

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Andy vs the bison
trying out the panorama function on my phone, 

I think it went well